Roaring Camp Mining Co. in the California Mother Lode

Roaring Camp Mining Co.

California Mother Lode

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Open May - September!

Panning - Don't worry if you don't own a gold pan yet. We carry our patented gold pan in our general store. It is the one featured at the top corner of this site (but you supply the gold!)

GOLD BEARING GRAVEL PILES - This material is dug off bedrock and run through our screening plant removing the larger rocks (non-gold bearing material). We will supply a sluice box, water, settling pond and necessary equipment for your mining, along with instruction and help from our crew. Equipment will be supplied for 3 hours per day (1 ˝ hours in the morning and 1 ˝ hours in the afternoon) and will take about 5 days to remove the gold from your operation. Piles are limited, reservations should be made in advance.

May 15-22, 2016 and May 29- June 5, 2016

During “Common Operation” weeks, everyone works together on the common operation and the gold found is divided equally between participants. Includes use of all mining equipment and the help from Roaring Camp’s Crew.

$325.00 per person plus cabin rental